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I met my amazing friends in Paris during Darren’s concert, so this year I decided to give them for Christmas something special that could remind them of that day. 

I made this dvd with the videos I found on youtube; there’s all the Paris concert and some exibitions from other tour dates as bonus tracks. 

Before you ask - I don’t own anything: the picuters (only the 7th is mine, I found all the others on tumblr) the videos, the songs (there are different songs in every menu). The SIAE sticker is fake, and I didn’t make money from these dvd because they are presents for my friends (instead I spent a lot of time on it).

All the credits go to all the original owners.

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    Ottavia made this amazing gift for all of us and i loved it!! She’s one of the sweetest person i’ve ever know and thanks...
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    This 2013 had its downs but it also had its ups. It gave me Paris and actually meeting Darren Fucking Criss and some...
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